Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Maternity Clothing Essentials

I know I don't share a lot of non home related posts, but I had a hard time finding clothes that fit well, so I hope this helps someone :)

Buying maternity clothes is tricky - it's hard to know if something will fit and be flattering. Not many stores carry maternity clothes and those that do have a limited selection. I found purchasing from stores with good return polices (mostly Nordstrom (easy by mail) and Target (I typically just return to my local store) are good bets!

Here are a few of my favorite basics (both maternity and non maternity!)

black leggings (with one BIG caveat - I found the top of the waist band extremely uncomfortable, both up and folded down, so I ended up cutting out the thin elastic band on the top - now super comfy! (I wish I would have just tried cutting out the top of the elastic first, before the whole thing to see if that would have made it loose enough) They do slip down a little, but not bad too bad. They have good reviews - so maybe I'm just sensitive to things being tight on my stomach? They are super thick and the fabric keeps its shape wash after wash. They run a little small, so if in between sizes, go up // tunic chambray shirt and one more love wearing this open with a tank underneath - love the longer length - perfect for leggings // I like this chambray shirt unbuttoned and tied above the bump with a maxi dress // My favorite T-shirt - it's loose, but still flattering (I wear a small or a medium and I went with medium) // Long open cardigan - perfect for leggings! I also found a few at TJ Maxx/Marshalls so check there too! // Converse Shoreline and Jack Purcell love that these both slip on - perfect to avoid bending over to tie your shoes!
Tank dress I don't personally own this one, but love the tank style - great for layer with a open tunic // Jean jacket another great layering option! Here's a leather option  // My favorite tank - it's super long, so you're not constantly pulling it down, love the material too! and the price is great! I hang mine dry to prevent shrinking // Another similar option to the first tank dress, this one is great for petites, I'm 5'3" and it's the perfect length. I also like that it comes with a seperate slip dress underneath so it isn't thin at all // Loose swing dress - l  o  o s  e  enough said and the price is great!!

You'll notice that a lot of things aren't maternity and most everything is very affordable! Most of these items should work all the way through pregnancy and you can wear after too! I hope this list helps, I had a lot of trial and error! If you have any favorites, share in the comments below!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Our Complete Eames Lounge Chair!

You guys!! We finally finished our Eames Lounge Chair! A while ago (a year or so ago?) we purchased the chair - found on Craigslist. It is authentic! I know that isn't important to everyone, but finding one (well, all the pieces) was a fun challenge (and required patience!)

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Nursery Plans

Thanks for your kind words on Monday's post! Today, I'm sharing my initial design thoughts for the area outside of our bedroom - since we don't have two bedrooms on the 2nd level - we'll probably use the loft area and our bedroom at first and use a bedroom downstairs during the day - so we'll be creating two spaces (at least that's the plan!)

crib 1+2 | hamper | rug | sheepskin | ottoman (similar) | upholstery fabric | rocking horse

I like both listed above (in fact, most from Babyletto) - anyone have either? I've had my eye on this rug for a while - love the idea of layering a sheepskin on top to make it plusher! A few years ago I missed a similar ottoman at a consignment shop - I'd love to find a vintage one (at an affordable price!) Rocking chairs can be pretty expensive - love the idea of repurposing one of my existing chairs (mine is similar but not the same) by adding a rocking chair base and reupholstering with a fun fabric! Also, love the idea of buying a cheaper chair and adding a rocking chair base (I may want something with a higher back!) I have a rattan rocking horse from my sweet friend Cassie! I also have a handmade one from my grandfather - that one will probably go in the living room.

The image below is a mock up that I did in sketch up - it's the room right outside of our bedroom. I'm thinking we will keep the baby in our room during the first few months and use this space for late night feedings etc. This is open to the rest of the house, and with the railing / stairs, so it definitely won't work as a nursery long term!

Any advice? I'm definitely new at this!
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